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It's over!

If you are part of the lucky ones that created a Liste de Noël before Christmas, you will receive it as promised during the day of December 25th. We can't say at what time because sending 10 000 emails is a big job, but you will have it.

For the others, we are very sad for you. You will have to come back next year.

Merry Christmas!

Like the Poulet Neige page to learn more about their artists and the 2017 edition of the Liste de Noël.

If you don't receive your list by December 26th, look for it in your SPAM folder. If it's now there, write to us at or

The Poulet Neige Christmas Wishlist is totally free, for the participating artists as well as for the public.

We count on free donations. Those are used to pay as much as possible the web agency, the visuals, and a few salary if possible.

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