How to Deal With the Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown

How to Deal With the Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown

The world seems to be in shambles during this time of turmoil as it tries to fight the covid19 pandemic. Panic, terror, uncertainty, and despair are the terrifying monsters lurking above every person’s head, trying to kill us.

Despite the demons’ threatening presence, there appears to be a sense of optimism in the population. This ray of sunshine is visible as a happy spirit shared by all of us.

Turning COVID Into an Opportunity

The anxiety that accompanied this COVID 19 lockdown caused emotional distress to many of us. This led to major changes to our daily lives and unexpectedly negative effects. We can, however, turn this crisis into an opportunity. How?

First of all, this lockdown offers a unique opportunity for families to enjoy quality time with each other. The entire family can participate in more imaginative activities like baking, gardening, cooking, and sketching since everyone is home. Parents have time to play and play with their youngsters and take part in everyday activities, which help strengthen families’ bonds.

Second, the lockdown lets people have more time than they could use in a creative way to take charge of themselves or develop new hobbies or skills. Overthinking, worrying, and losing hope indicate not knowing how to use your time effectively. Therefore, people can find a balance between exercise, sleep, leisure, online socializing, and relaxation.

Thirdly, being in confinement can be an ideal opportunity to renew your interest and discover new talents. Since the fear of being infected by the pandemic could be far more dangerous than even the virus itself, educating ourselves on managing anxieties and stigma is important. This means that we need to be aware of various stress reactions.

Fourth, the lockdown gives us the chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can modify our way of living into one that is more healthful. For example, we can grow veggies with our extra space at home. Because we cannot leave our house, we can eat fresh fruits and veggies instead of the packaged stuff. Therefore, it’s time to put our energies into things that will benefit our health and the overall well-being of our psychosocial beings.

Fifth, since information is power Fifth because knowledge is power, the lockdown is a perfect time to study and write. Every day, you should spend at least 30 minutes exploring. There are many items to help you with your boredom within such a short duration.

Lastly, this trouble provides an opportunity to develop resilience. We’ve been through many challenges together. The beginning was a series of major earthquakes that destroyed our citizens’ lives and livelihoods. It then escalated in the direction of African swine disease (ASF). This pandemic virus is followed by landslides, torrential rains, and quakes. This Pandemic COVID 19 isn’t over, and the earthquake has returned to terrify us!


Fortunately, people have realized this, and nowadays, they get their news from multiple reliable sources. The result is that newspapers are closing, and viewers are streaming to “cut off the line” to watch what they want to listen to. What are your options today? Hospitalizations, infections, and deaths seem to be decreasing. Medical experts believe that we’ll be back to normal by the autumn, whatever that may mean. Do what you think is right. Utilize common wisdom. Get as much information as feasible from various sources.

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